The Miami Music Museum was incorporated February 1, 2010. The objective of the Museum, in establishing and operating a music museum, is to expand the public’s appreciation, understanding, and enjoyment of music making and to honor the contributions and achievements made by current and former Miami residents. The museum serves as a site for virtual exhibits displaying information, documents, music arts, and artifacts related to music artists.  

The purpose of the Miami Music Museum Inc. is to preserve Miami’s music history by creating educational displays of musical events and artists that have empowered Miami to become a Mecca of culturally diverse music. It aims to strengthen the musical arts, support emerging artists, and encourage others to enter the music profession by providing scholarships and grants to music arts students and by promoting the benefits of music entertainment to the public. Simultaneously, we aim to create a permanent digital infrastructure that will act as a source for Miami music archives for years to come.

The current activity of the museum consists of addressing organizational matters, collecting musical instruments and artifacts for display and gathering historic photographs, documents and articles.