The Miami Music Museum

The premier virtual museum for music art of South Florida.

Miami Sound: A History

Miami Sound: A History, tells the story of how Miami acquired its unique musical sounds that enabled the city to become well known for its flourishing culturally diverse music.

Don’t miss the free virtual show featuring new music and stories from Billie Eilish & Foo Fighters. Watch for free, along with iconic ALTer EGO performances from more of Alternative rock’s biggest superstars!

Free Virtual Performances

January 28, 2021 6:00pm-8:00pm

Folk Music of Florida-Ongoing Traditions

Folk Music of Florida: Ongoing Traditions, displays the traditional music of Florida residents and increases the understanding of our personal and state heritage. As we value and perpetuate our traditional skills and talents, we sequentially enrich the quality of our lives.

August 2020 — June 2021

South Florida Artist, “Sin” and Videographer, Daniel Russo wins coveted award

“One of the most beautiful things we can give our child is music education.”

~Gloria Estefan

The purpose of the Miami Music Museum Inc. is to preserve Miami’s music history by creating educational displays of musical events and artists that have empowered Miami to become a Mecca of culturally diverse music. It aims to strengthen the musical arts, support emerging artists, and encourage others to enter the music profession by providing scholarships and grants to music arts students and by promoting the benefits of music entertainment to the public. Simultaneously, we aim to create a permanent digital infrastructure that will act as a source for Miami music archives for years to come.

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